Friday, September 26, 2008


I was beginning to think that I may be a little bit crazy when I sat down to receive an angel message and watched myself write: "Tonight, let's talk about oranges!" Huh?! Oranges? I wasn't so sure if I wanted to delve into the esoteric existence of an orange... I wanted profound spiritual wisdom! Well, that's what I got. But it was also a fun and joyfully simple channeling session with such a funny Angel (whom I called Blaire because he had such a bold personality). I hope this message will ignite creative passions within you:

Message from the Angels
Colors are greatly important. They can affect moods by providing visual stimuli which provoke emotional reactions in the brain. However, please know that "dark" colors will not provoke "evil" emotions within you unless, of course, that is your intention. God is all things, including color; God is a rainbow. Each color represents an aspect of God, and these colors can be creatively used as part of a spiritually balanced lifestyle. For example, flowers in many colors should be valued decorations. Painted walls representing your desires for every room in your home should be given adequate thought periodically as your desires shift and change; similarly, you may be able to recognize life changes/shifts and patterns by examining your choice colors at certain periods of your life. Remember that life is energy and color abounds in energy. Color is energy made visible. Utilize color to enhance your lifestyle with High Value LFE. Remember the color wheel: primary and secondary colors; warm and cool colors. Always strive for balance in energy. God wants you to find peace in being centered and balanced. When you are in this state, you find continuous joy and an ability to help others, especially of Divine lethargy. Create and use color consciously. Here are the color meanings which we wish you to know at this time.

Red = Life Force: love, passion, anger and forgiveness, unrequited emotions, life, strength, stability, fire

Blue = Space: calm, peace, free-flowing, ocean, air, breath, acceptance, healing, emotional stability, change with peace

Yellow = "Don't Stop Me Now!" (Queen): HI! excitement, fast-paced, quick-change, running with goals and desires, allowing yourself to be without criticism, Joy, Sun, new beginnings, desires beginning to unfold, mornings

Orange = Self-Expression: passion for self, Higher Self, personality down-to-Earth-in-your-skin-this-is-who-I-am! expression

Green = Healing: Mother Nature, LFE, Earth, acceptance of cycles: birth-death-rebirth, grounded, balanced human lifestyle

Purple = Spiritual Connection: passion for understanding, spiritual desires/connections, crown chakra, knowledge, learning, conscious oneness/connection with God, protective seal against negativity, spiritual awareness, calls upon higher vibrations conducive for receiving spiritual wisdom

Black = Ending: night, the closing of one door before another opens, an absorber of energy- with intent, it can be used to clear, block, or sponge negative energy away from you

Gray = Neutrality:
void, indecisiveness, a color for rest periods but should be accented with other colors.

White = Pure Essence: all color, but no color, cleanser, healer, protector, substitute for any color through intent, God

Thursday, November 1, 2007

God is Love. Love is Simple.

Message from the Angels

The first thing to remember is God. God is all things, but the essential energy of God is Love. God loves you and all His/Her creations no matter what. Nothing you do can tarnish God's love for you. However to be fully one with God, you must love yourself and others. This raises your awareness of and oneness with God. There is great happiness which can be found in learning how to express God and Love in everything you do.

First, you must love yourself. Regain your True Self and express yourself as you truly are without thought as to how others might judge you. Hiding your True Self because of fear of rejection is an action based in Fear and, therefore, is not a part of Love or God. God loves you. We love you. Find Joy by expressing your True Self and doing what makes You happy. Being You in your True Self, expressing yourself with love, light, faith, and kindness will radiate your Love out to other people.

Next, recognize other beings as Divine parts of God, just like you. Welcome their Divine Spirits. Even small acts of kindness -like holding open a door - can be enough to show others that you value them as Divine parts of God.

Find ways to love yourself and others. We love you always. God loves you always. Know that Love is simple.

Sam's Thoughts
I received an interesting picture/idea when I was channeling this message. I call it the Scale of Happiness. Basically, the happier you are, the closer to God you are. The Scale of Happiness ranks any situation on a 1-10 scale ( 1 being lowest degree of Happiness and 10 being the highest ). Try to stay away from most situations with a low ranking.

Copyright 2007 Samantha Sherman

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flowers as Physical Representations of the Divine/God

Message from the Angels
"Flowers are unique Divine energies in Spirit and physical form. Flowers grow in energy-match hot-spots, absorbing that energy, living that energy, expressing that energy. Just imagine how you can benefit from that energy yourself. Instant energy enhancer! Flowers came into being as physical expressions of the Divine (just like you). They create themselves into beautiful expressions of their own thoughts as to how to celebrate the Divine Life Force. Flowers should be enjoyed for their Life Force. This is what vegetarians enjoy. Meat is dead when you eat it. You absorb dead energy. Flowers and plants are ALIVE! You are alive! Enhance your energy by truly absorbing Divine energy in EVERYTHING you do. It is not hard once you begin to truly live in and of and around Divine Energy. You are lucky to live in a time in your world when people are beginning to really understand and appreciate this. Life Force Energy in plant-based food is available locally, not only to Californian hippies. Go to a supermarket and feel the LFE of the edible plants. Live off that. Embrace the LFE. Enjoy it! You will greatly benefit from it. We will help. Just ask. :)"

Sam's Thoughts
  • Energy-match hot-spots are places filled with energy which matches the energy of the plant.
  • I really hope I haven't offended any Californian Hippies. Truly, it was not my intention. When I was receiving this message, I kept thinking about all the people in rural areas who are not able to shop at organic health food stores. But then I remembered that organic food can be found in many different places, such as a major grocery store chain in your area or the local farmer's market.
  • However, it is more important that you choose fruits and vegetables with a high LFE content. To find out which orange, for example, has a higher LFE (and therefore will provide you with more health benefits) place your dominant hand (the hand you write with) over all the oranges with the intent of feeling their LFEs. Whichever orange produces a warmer feeling in your hand has the highest LFE. Try it next time you're at the grocery store, you might be surprised with the results!

Copyright 2007 Samantha Sherman


Message from the Angels

"God wants you to be successful. Your success creates abundance which flows into the Spirit and touches other people who pass it on as well. Prosperity therefore continues to grow. Always remember that there is always enough prosperity for all who want it. But you must first allow yourselves to have it. This is tough because your society is only now re-learning these old truths. For so long you have believed that suffering leads to salvation. This is an un-truth. Happiness leads to Divine expression. It was the suffering for common joy and happiness which caused Martyrs to be revered. Joy is the Key to the Heavenly door. (To which other doors lie behind, but only one door at a time.) This is why you have incarnated. Earth has laws which allow you to create your own keys (if you so desire) and also to help others find their lost keys. Service leads to true happiness and abundance. Find your Divine expression of service."

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Role of Angels and How To Use Affirmative Prayer

Message from the Angels

"The role We play is to impart wisdom to those who listen for and seek it. We Angels are here as Guides sent from God. Sort-of how the park ranger, who knows everything about the land, trains others to give guided tours of the land. We are guides who teach you how to navigate through the Divine currents. So angels can help in all matters, no matter size or importance. The key is that We help in these matters by teaching you how to express your Divine nature, and God, in all your actions. But you must ask for our help. We cannot interfere without your permission. Your Divine job on Earth is to learn how to live and express the Divine despite all obstacles. One of those lessons is learning how to surrender your power to God so that you can overcome all obstacles easily and with Divine help. Surrendering your power is a tough thing. You have to be willing to believe that you don't know everything and can't do everything. But there is a Higher Power who knows exactly how to help you overcome everything and yet still let you and want you to be nothing other than YOU! You in your true essence. The you that is part of God and knows it! And believes it! And expresses it! So dance, love, and be merry! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and share it with a friend! Always know that help is only a prayer away. Quite simple really. But people on the Earth plane have the obstacle of the dreaded Ego. The Ego says that living a good life can't be as simple as praying to God and letting God help you... There must be more. So then people complicate matters by doing excessive rituals which are unneeded. There is nothing wrong with a ritual that provides you with happiness, but rituals are not needed or required. All that is needed is you. To pray, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say/think with conviction (something like) "God is helping me." It is important to speak in a positive and affirming manner, but you don't necessarily have to believe your words at the moment. It is okay to "fake it 'til you make it." Why? Because prayer is essentially an opening or allowing of God's will/presence to mingle with your own. You do not have to believe in the words as much as you have to believe in why you are praying and that God can help. Prayer is therefore essential to High Value Life Force Energy Living. The whole goal of High Value LFE is to increase the brightness of your light and to express your Divine essence more clearly/fully. Regular communications with God (just normal taking, as if you were speaking truthfully to your self or to a trusted friend) and affirmative prayer will increase your LFE and light. Affirmative prayer is praying in a way that creates reality. Affirmative prayer is positive and loving, "I am loved." Unlike like the phrases the Ego uses, "I am not good enough." Speak your affirmative prayer with conviction, feeling, and belief and choose positive words to establish that you deserve your prayer, and fully expect for the forces of creating reality to be put into motion. Such as "God is with me always. With God's help I can overcome anything." "God is in me. I am in God. Together, life is full of Love and Happiness."

Copyright 2007 Samantha Sherman

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who I Am and What I Do

Hello and Welcome!

I am Samantha Sherman. I recently began automatic writing to receive messages from my Angels. I was very surprised to discover that I could receive Angel messages. I was even more surprised when the Angels asked me not to keep their messages secret! Angles are sent from God to assist us in learning how to live a more Divine life. Therefore, the messages I have been receiving can benefit everyone. This is why I have started this blog. My blog contains the transcripts of the Angel messages I receive and my own thoughts on the messages. I also encourage comment discussions on the meanings of these messages.

Automatic writing is a process of channeling. In my case I sit down with a pen and notebook, and pray that I cleary and accurately receive whatever Divine messages which God and the Angels wish to give me. (My prayer specifically states that I receive messages only from Angels.) Then I just write whatever words come to mind. In this way, I could be called a "spiritual interpreter." The Angels have to send me words or phrases which I can easily and accurately interpret. The Angels' goal, after all, is to spread their knowledge and wisdom to humanity in ways which we can understand. I do not think that I could ever receive or understand the meaning of a message sent to me in words that I can't even spell. Therefore, do not be surprised if my interpretations of what the Angels are saying involve silly cliches like "Rome wasn't built in a day." It is just their way of making my writing and understanding of their messages easier. However, the messages are still from an Angelic point-of-view. So please remember that words like "We" or "Our" usually mean Angels, and words like "you" usually mean humans.

Currently, I have been receiving many Angel messages concerning Life Force Energy (LFE), the Divine essence in every living thing or being; plants, animals, humans, even insects. The Angels would deeply like to see us humans living and expressing High Value Life Force Energy in everthing we do, such as eating, praying, and interacting with others. How to live a life full of High Value LFE will often be mentioned and discussed throughout this blog.

It is my hope that you will find something within this blog which brightens your Divine Spark! Samantha Sherman

Copyright 2007 Samantha Sherman